Lucky Pink Elephants

Double Trouble

Hey everyone! I’m back! So I am just going to jump right in… When I was younger my sister and I had twin beds at one point. I remember a lot of fun times in our shared room. I have been seeing so many beautiful twin rooms lately that it just took me back to my old house and age 7! Now our room looked nothing like these mostly because, well, these are clean! None the less, twin beds seem to have come a long way since we were 7! I’m going to show you a “few” of my favorites!

ce9f259394dac524cc64a0e329f06bf0These beds are technically doubles. Since there are two, I think it qualifies as twins!

ffc0bdaf701c3edba5ee6fc88ea3cc82Love this lavender. Its girly without being PINK!

f75cc3edffc823be7e5459468d56c767This is a bolder choice. Y’all know I love a monogram though.

e0792e193ac72ee94c83dc153f15bc4bNow these are more mature! Love the idea of twin beds for a guest room!

e6d736c8ece0f0cce94982ffe3554f41Black and white you can’t go wrong. Those pendants are fabulous!

e1aa3be60717b2ebaa373ac8b8aa2749Great colors and patterns! It works together without being matchy!

c09b33500d17c78383c1e30dab8ed616I love the simplicity of this child’s room! And the teddy bear, come on… ugh love!

bf6bde1b75ecef3bc3f7d6a6bc280c69I love these cast iron bed frames! Very elegant with them being so tall!

b81d19a18a0cb02043b30124a2ce5654Now I love this idea. Could be problematic with kids… (slam into the wall!) Still a great design and must share!

af95b17af6d6b64948a1d7db4ae39271Very cutesy. Is that a word? I could definitely see this working for girls in elementary school.

1733157303a1e67345d46b189c1395d0Now this is just beyond! Oh so lovely! I love antlers of any kind! Perfection.

907bc26dc0dcc34358b771aae0bb48cbLove the wicker bed frames and the walls! Everything in this picture is just working.


17a918a04efc06513c39d2de5967b7e3This is a very classic and elegant little girls room without being overly cutesy. Would work for them past age 6 or 7.

5f7b9db96d17b4744a918e0482ff04a5Guest room idea?

5c3c0a5f4ba178e63fcf401e45b42971Now this is for sure a bold choice but, I liked her pattern play and guts with the darker walls.

c7cf4ded913c2076b12903ee582b27c9Who says twins have to come in two’s? These singleton’s are fabulous on their own!

56400e31de4855827b2203a838e7a9f2Great beachy feel to this!

26c4bb05c61d172e61fa78b848a0810aGreat gender neutral room! I would call this modern elegance!

25d09ebda139a36c12971d9247826113I just love this playful kids room!

6cca978263086b58b159965e74d3db3eGreat rustic feel. Love the old wood and tennis rackets!

5830c3c05f00ddf481d358532024e9d8Why stop at two? Three is a sleepover waiting to happen! Great boys room! Yes, boys can have twins too!

1670da4528c4b4a48af280045bde53edBold fabric choices but, it works! Sorority room maybe??


6ac1de6f0a01f70c55bdb1d4fdb6143dNot a great quality picture but you get the gist! Love the neutral palette yet, it isn’t tan or beige! Deer heads!!!

6e10e8991c40dc709a5ccae3a2a57998Amazing idea for a boys room! Love the HUGE framed flag!

1107eb2ee0f6bb9c45f70a3ad307bd2eWho doesn’t love a murphy bed? Great playroom idea!

Happy Weekend!



I Want To Wear That!

These are some fairly recent pictures of celebrity style I am loving….

America Ferrera

Victoria Beckham

Taylor Schilling (She is currently starring in The Lucky One with Zac Effron)

Sophia Bush

Shailene Woodley

Selena Gomez

Scarlett Johansson

Reese Witherspoon

Nina Dobrev

Nikki Reed

Nicole Richie

Mila Kunis

Nicole Richie

Kim Kardashian

Kate Middleton

Kate Beckinsale

Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

Julianne Hough

Jennifer Anniston

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Claire Danes

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Camilla Belle

Ashley Tisdale

Anne Hathaway

AnnaSophia Robb (the new Carrie Bradshaw)

AnnaSophia Robb

What was your favorite look? I love hearing from you guys so leave a comment! Thanks for all the support!


A Girl With Spray Paint

So recently I was looking around at some of my favorite blogs and I found this project. I promptly pinned it to Pinterest of course. I also found a post called the Pinterest Challenge. Basically it is challenging you to actually DO some of the projects you have pinned! Great idea! I decided to take on this challenge.

To begin this project I went to Wal Mart and scooped up some plastic kids toy animals, a few garden items, and some plastic fruit. I decided to go with the silver and bronze spray paint this time instead of colored spray paint which would also be cute if you knew what colors you needed.

I spray painted a few gold. I love the way the animals turned out! They will be so cute on a bookshelf!

The silver ones turned out good as well I especially liked the hippo!

This is a zebra although it looks a lot like a horse!

Love the HIPPO!!!

Fierce lion!

Elephant love!

I hope you take on this project! It was so simple and cheap. A few other places to look for items to spray paint are the clearance isle at Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Tree.

I encourage you to take on the PINTEREST CHALLENGE!

Grammy Jammin

This was one of the most fun performances of the night in my opinion! Bruno Mars killed it! Also this is my new favorite song! Who was your favorite performer of the night? Leave a comment below!

Pinterest Interest

So I am sure many of you have heard of the new trend called Pinterest. It is the latest craze online and of course I jumped on the bandwagon! I have to say that it is the most genius idea that someone came up with! Basically the way it works is that anyone can “pin” a picture with a link to the site where they saw the picture onto Pinterest. Once they do that others can “pin” the picture/idea to their “boards” that are in categories. All a board is, is a place on your homepage where all of your pins are saved so that you can look at them later. It sounds complex but it really isn’t I promise. It has anything and everything you could ever imagine on this site! Great for anyone who loves to cook, craft, throw parties, travel, or brides. Tons of ideas that I would never think of… Here are some things I have pinned to my boards that I thought I would share. The recipe’s on here are ones that I have tried and loved:

This is a game that is great for kids on a rainy day. It is supposed to be like a spy trying to get through laser’s without touching them. You put painters tape (so you don’t mess up your walls!) or crepe paper in different area’s of your hallway. The tape is the “laser” so tell the kids to try not to touch it! Brilliant!!!

This is an old entertainment unit someone turned into a play kitchen! So adorns! I love it.

Freeze prizes in some colored water and let the kids hammer out the toys. Great time waster on a hot day!

Slime! Abby and I made this one day after she watched Flubber the movie with Robin Williams. It is super easy and kid friendly! Little to no mess! Great Great Great! She thought I was so cool because I knew how to make slime. You can make any color!

I used to love the movie Peter Pan. This is soooo easy to do! Cut out an image of Peter Pan and tape it to a lamp to get Peter’s shadow!

Great no mess activity! Place a blank paper on the table. Fill a ziploc bag with some paint and get all the air out. Then tape the edges to the table to hold it in place and avoid leaks then let the kids finger paint! Who comes up with this stuff??

Milk carton igloo! Wish I had one when I was a kid! Save up those empty milk cartons moms!

Spiced Apple Cider! Just like Starbucks! Made this over Christmas and it was a huge hit! Made the house smell great too!

Best sugar cookie recipe ever! Kellam and I have made these at least 10 times since I found the recipe around New Years!

Amazing Vinaigrette Chicken with basil, feta, and red pepper or I put tomato on mine! A must try!

Really good and super easy Potato Soup. Great for a cold day!

Who knew they had mirror spray paint? Love these painted shells. Would look great in a clear vase!

Glue branches on a candle. I did this and it was beautiful! My dad loved it. He says it is a manly candle now haha!

Did this one day in class! Super easy and a boredom buster! Just draw one wavy line across the page and then place 8 evenly spaced dots on the line. Then connect 1 to 2 then 2 to 3 and so on. Just keep building. Looks cool colored or not!

This is on my to do list for Kellam’s Batchelorette Party. Looks super easy and so cute!

Love this idea! Glue some Lego’s to a board. Then put one Lego on your key ring. When you come in the door just snap your keys onto the board! Brilliant!

Love this! Take a picture of you at your wedding. On your anniversary hold the framed wedding picture and take another picture. Next year hold the 1 year picture and take another for your 2 year anniversary. It just keeps building! Such a great memory keeper!

My only prob with Pinterest is that you have to be invited by someone who has an account already. So if you would like to be added just shoot me an email at and I will add you. It is so worth it and its FREE! Why not?

Flashback Friday

Hey guys! So in honor of it being Friday the 13th, I thought I would post I flashback I experienced last night… Your favorite girl and mine, Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. This is an original romantic comedy. This movie wrote the book for all future romantic comedies. I love Julia because she is a Georgia girl! Here are some of my favorite stills from the movie.

Hope you have a great Friday! Working on new posts. Check back soon!

Tommy Turkey Cookies

This week my Mom and I were on Pinterest and came across these presh turkey cookies!

My Mom teaches 4K and Thursday they are having their annual Thanksgiving Feast. We thought these turkey’s would be an excellent addition to their plates. So we set out to make them on our own since the directions were no longer online… The body is a vanilla oreo and the face is a bite size Nutter Butter. Obviously the tail is 7 candy corn. The eyes are white and black icing and the beak is a half of a candy corn. We made a waddle out of strawberry flavored Fruit Roll Ups. We used Wilton’s Royal Icing recipe to “glue” it together and for the white of the eyes. It worked great and I think they look fabulous. This is how our version turned out..

If you have not heard of Pinterest you MUST check it out right now! I am obsessed! Tons of ideas for anything you can imagine!

If I don’t talk to you all before Thanksgiving… Happy Turkey Day!


So with the new year approaching I am (as always) setting a goal of getting skinny and back in shape. Now recently I have been seeing pictures of all these celeb mommies who have killer bods… AFTER BABY. Now I know as well as you do that they probably have a chef, trainer, dietician, and a great plastic surgeon, but hey its called a goal for a reason. So let me share my thin-spiration pictures…

The abnormally skinny Gisele and her son with Tom Brady, Benjamin

Super cute bikini** Kate Bekinsale

I have decided I want to be a runner. I assume thats how this chick I found on Pinterest got her banging bod! HA

Kourtney Kardashian after having baby Mason

Gwen Stefani after 2 kids!

Gwyneth Paltrow, she does the Tracy Anderson Method which will kick yo butt I promise!

Demi Moore after 3 kids! This was taken when she was in Charlie’s Angels

My favorite former Housewife Bethenny Frankel after she had Bryn.

Who is your thin-spiration?

The New Girl Has Style…

So most of you are probably wondering where I have been. The answer is so lame I can barely say but I have been in the…..LIBRARY! School started and my blogging had to take a back seat. Never fear though my faithful followers I am back and I promise to do better about posting.

Now that that’s out of the way, I need to talk about my newest style crush… Pippa Middleton! Yes Princess Kate’s little sister. Ever since the wedding the poor girl has been hounded by paparazzi and photogs non-stop. Hey I have some amazing looks to show you now though. Thats the silver lining Pippa! We get to see your fabulous style! Well enough from me I will let you judge for yourself!

I love this look! P.S. this purse is on my wish list for Christmas. Its called the “Pippa” haha

Love this camel color.

I love that she isn’t afraid to go casual!

Great color and booties.

Love the lace dress. Very on trend.

Okay this coat is aaaamazing! She really pulls it off!

I want this coat and scarf! Fierce!

Very classic.

Great jeans! Y’all know I love a girl who can rock a pair of jeans!

Great bag and flats!

I love this patterned dress!

Very conservative look. Well at least I think so.. Queen Elizabeth may not agree.

Great use of color!

Love a great white dress and jean jacket!

And the look that tops them all…. My favorite!

So what do you think of Pippa’s style? Does she inspire you? Keep checking back for new blog posts! Ta ta for now!

Anne Hathaway Goes Lil Wayne

So I heard this clip on the radio the other morning and I almost had a wreck because I was crying from laughing so hard! This video is a clip of Anne Hathaway rapping about her annoyance with the paparazzi.